Sunday, 1 June 2014

Picture This #253 ~ It Takes Two To Tango

Getting the music helps set things off right.

Then there is the Players.

And being two, makes it all worth it.
My greatest feeling


  1. Hi Randall!! Great to see you taking part this week. Three terrific shots for Debby's theme. Great shot of the musicians, wish there was sound to go with it!! A rather colourful couple in the second shot!! A lovely, touching third shot :-))

  2. I love your photos, Randall. I knew it was yours from the first shot! Great shot of the musicians. I wonder what song they were playing?

    Ha ha, love the PINK hair and the "enjoy weed" shirt... Somehow you don't expect to see something like that on a young person. It's the old hippies that sport that mentality.

    The last photo is the BEST! Almost makes me sweet!

  3. Hi Randall. Great shots. Love the atmosphere of the first and the joyous expressions on the couple in the middle. What a beautiful picture of the hands in the third. Simple and quite touching.

  4. Ha ha Pardon the pun huh Benni. Yeah the hands were showing a bit of age that day. Been working in the garden for most of it.

  5. Cool fellas. Cute couple. Indeed it does.

  6. They are really 3 very interesting photos.

  7. Thank you for picking that one for the banner. It has taken 30 years to make it. Might look a bit different in another 30 though. Ha ha