Saturday, 7 June 2014

PT CCLIV ~ Curves And Lines

Cool banner by Randall.

Taken at a visit to Ystad's Safari Park.
 photo 017_Together_zpsab82f7de.jpg

Taken at an excursion to the Kullaberg Nature Reserve which lies on the nw peninsula of Scania.
 photo 058_Different_Angles_zpsd4dac34d.jpg

This piece of art stands in a park in the nw Scanian city of Ängelholm.
 photo 246_Oddities_zps7ed36ab1.jpg


  1. Hello, Anders, you've graced us with three different and marvelous shots. Love the zebra, an amazing shot showing off both their lines and curves. I really do like your middle photo, showing the curves in rock. It's a wonderful picture, simple yet intricate. Nice capture of the interesting sculpture in the park in Ãngelholm. It looks both modern and Medieval.

  2. Love the first one, where is Kurt Wallender? Interesting rock formation (I mean the second photo) and the third is very arty - I wonder what it represents?

  3. Hi Anders!! Three lovely shots for Benni's theme. Love the zebras in the first shot....classic curves and lines!! Interesting rock in the second shot. Odd but fascinatiing sculpture in the final shot!!

  4. Nice shots, Anders.
    The zebra is a perfect subject for this theme!
    I love the pretty rocks and that WILD sculpture!
    There is a girl here in NYC (London Kaye O' Donnell) that crochets art pieces all over the city. It's called "yarn bombing". I'll bet if she were there she'd crochet a bra for it!

    1. Thanks Debby . :) indeed that would be cool.

  5. . From the shot of the zebras to the quite unique sculpture, all the three are good shots.

  6. Lovely takes on the theme Anders