Saturday, 14 June 2014

Picture This #255 ~ Your Life/Your Neighbourhood

Hi all,
Congrats to Benni on a wonderful Header this week and thanks to Heidi for a great theme.

I live in the beautiful county of Dorset in the South of England, right on the border with the county of Hampshire, where I lived for over 30 year. 

Its a beautiful place to live with the ocean and the New Forest and several rivers and lakes just a few minutes drive from my home.

These are the shots of my area.

My Home
P6149093 copy

West Moors main street
P3150021 copy

Bournemouth Beach at dusk
P4084988 copy

The River Avon at dawn. 
The River is the county boundary between Dorset and Hampshire.
P4147948 copy

The New Forest Hampshire. 
This is one of my favorite places to Hike and ride my bike


  1. You live in a lovely place, such beautiful views.

  2. Hi Baz!! Wonderful photos for Heidi's theme!! You have a beautiful house. I always think of it as being a bit like Dr Who's Tardis......bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside!! LOL. It's always a pleasure to visit. Familiar scene of the West Moors street. I don't think I've ever visited Bournemouth yet, but it's a beautiful shot. I love the 'River Avon At Dawn' shot, probably one of my faves of all your shots. I always like to see the New Forest when I visit, especially talking to the ponies while they try to eat my camera!! LOL.

  3. Hi Baz! Great shots as always. I can certainly see all the work you have done on your garden; it's beautiful. What lovely landscapes you have shown us; I think I like the New Forest best of all. The muted colors are very nice and the woods are tempting for a hiker.

  4. Hi Baz! Your house could be a beautiful cover page of some magazine like 'House & Garden'. All the other three shots are really impressive to me. Love that of Bournemouth, particularly. Perhaps I associate it to the several summer courses my son, when he was a young teen, attended over there.

  5. Oh Baz you live in one of the most wonderful pictures places on this earth

  6. hi Baz, it seems ages since we heard of each other but here I am to give my best regards. Love your house, my daughter, who lives in France, has got a house like that so different from the flat where I live in. ciao ciao

  7. Your home is beautiful, Baz. What is that thing on the natural wood section? Boy, you've done a great job at landscaping.

    Yikes, the pre-paid funeral plan advertisement really catches your eyes! Always something to think about!
    Nice shot of the village!

    The sunset over the beach is pretty but dawn over the river is absolutely gorgeous! The color is amazing!

    Lovely landscape in that last photo. You are certainly blessed with beauty all around you.