Friday, 6 June 2014

Picture This #254 ~ Curves And Lines

Hello, this is Benni, your host this week. Some marvelous pictures last week, thanks to all who participated.  A special nod to Randall for his marvelous banner shot. The theme I have chosen for this week is "Curves and Lines". My pictures are all from the outdoors and nature focused, but yours might be of buildings, people, or lots of other things. I look forward to seeing them.

An iris from my garden

A palm grove in Florida

Shore bird, maybe a sandpiper

Have fun!!


  1. A wonderful choice of themes, Benni. The Iris and the lighting are just amazing. It's my favorite of the three.

    I love the tall palms, and the light is nice there also.

    The sand piper shot is lovely, too. It's one of those shots that makes you feel like you're right there...hearing the surf, feeling the cool water and sand under your toes!

  2. Hi Benni! Thanks for the choice of the theme. A good one, indeed! Beautiful curves and lines in the photo of the iris... Countless curves and lines in the second photo and you close the bouquet of photos with my favourite...

  3. Utterly lovely

    Beautiful palmtrees.


  4. A great theme Benni and three beautiful captures, I especially like the wader in the surf ;)

  5. Hi Benni !!! Many thanks for hosting this week, I love the theme!!! So many possibilities!! Your first shot of the Iris is just beautiful, love the light. Nice light in the shot of the palm grove, too. The more you look at that shot, the more lines and curves you can see. Wonderful shot of the Sandpiper on the beach. I love to see these guys scurry up the beach when a wave approaches, so funny.

  6. A wonderful angle of light and dark on the iris. A very curvy and lovely palm and the sandpiper is so good, I have never seen one in real life.

  7. Thank you for your kind comments! I have taken so many pictures of the iris, just trying to capture the light on its white standards. The palms were a lucky one shot deal, and as for the bird... I sure miss Florida.