Friday, 20 June 2014

Picture This #256 ~ Roads Or Rails

Pat here from the foot of the Jura mountains in Switzerland, where the cows and horses moo to each other. I will be hosting this week. Am a little early as Saturday mornings are too busy to sit on the computer.

Anything goes for the subject, so here are mine

Solothurn main station, waiting for the train
Solothurn Main station
Yes, the Swiss have an army, and if your are lucky you might have one of their jeeps in front of you whilst driving home from work. This is a so-called Mowag Piranha II APC it seems. The road: Bellach to Solothurn
Swiss army Mowag Piranha II APC
Leaving Kanton Solothurn, entering Kanton Bern over the motorway bridge by Grenchen
Motorway Biel-Solothurn at Grenchen


  1. Hi, Pat! Love your pictures. I especially like the graceful lines of the Kanton Bern bridge, really captures the eye. I'd love to live in a place with so many railroads; here in Michigan, the land of the auto, we have few railways, but we do have them, and I was able to find some pictures I hope you like.

  2. Thanks for a great theme this week Pat and 3 great images to get us started.

  3. Hi Pat!! Many thanks for hosting this week!! It's a great theme, we should get lots of good entries. Good shot of the train station. I bet Swiss train passengers don't wait as long as British ones do!! Great shot of the APC. I see lots of vehicles like that here, along with tanks and artillery pieces, as there is an army firing range about ten miles from here. Love the shot of the bridge!!

  4. Cool perspective

    That is one heavy duty vehicle

    Impressive bridge

  5. hi Pat thanks for a cool theme
    yours are wonderful

  6. Thanks for the choice of a good theme...Love your three shots each one has its special aspects... people in the first, traffic in the second and engineering in the third..

  7. Hi Pat! Great theme and I love your choices. Solothurn is SO clean! and so nice to see after the dirty rat infested subways of NYC. The other day we saw a rat running along the platform like it was trying to catch the train!

    I can imagine how impatient you must have been behind the army vehicle and once again, what strikes me the most is how nice and clean the roadway is. I imagine if I ever came for a visit, I'd never want to leave.

    Nice shot of the bridge and beyond.