Saturday, 21 June 2014

Picture This #256 ~ Roads Or Rails

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week!! Great theme, with lots of possible variations!!

Here are mine:

1) Road through the rocks at Red Canyon, Utah
Roadarch - Red Canyon 1

2) Mountain railway, Snowdonia National Park, Wales.
Snowdon Mountain Railway

3) Desert road, somewhere in Nevada.
Desert Road 1

4) Grand Canyon railway. A much more relaxed way of getting there than by car or bus. 
Canyon Train


  1. Interesting shot in utah, that is one solution to build a road. Love the Snowdon railway, one of the Welsh traditional railways.That Nevada road looks endless, nice perspective. The train styles in the world are so different, a good capture.

  2. Four awesome captures Mitch, a stunning arch in the first, a beautiful historic engine in the second, I love the long LONG road in the third finally a fantastic way to see the landscape, nice work mate.

  3. hi mitch, ty for chosing one of my pics. Love your pics and my fav is the firstone

  4. Hi Mitch, I love your rail pictures. I also especially love the road through the rocks in Utah, and also the picture of heat in Nevada. That is just such a great shot, even though I can't see the heat I can.

  5. Entry to the Other Side.

    Wonderful little steamengine

    The road goes ever, ever on...


  6. wow all super
    my fav is the train in Wales love it

  7. Hi Mitch! Your four photos could not be better for this week's theme... you never stop surprising me... Great!

  8. Wow, love that first shot of the road running through the rock formation. Wonderful photo, Mitch!

    What an unusual little train!

    That looks like a long lonesome highway! nice shot!

    Good shot of the train and rails in the last photo.Looks comfy!