Sunday, 29 June 2014


Congratulations Baz for the beautiful banner!

All my pairs are from Lisbon...

A pair of ladies enjoying a snack outdoors
A pair of ladies having tea.

Three pairs in one shot: legs, shoes and fishnet stockings
a pair of legs, shoes and fishnet  stockings

Two pomegranates
A pair of pomegranates

A pair of  table lamps
A pair of table lamps


  1. Wonderful shot


    Great still-lives.

  2. Hi Belita!! Great shots for this week's theme. Lovely shot of the ladies having lunch, it looks like a really nice place. The second shot is amusing. Is that a menu-holder? Both the pomegranates and the table-lamps make excellent still-lifes. I really like them both.

  3. todas lindas amiga, como siempre me gustan muchisimo. hasta la proxima vez. besitos de Nico y italia

    1. Grazie tante, Nico! Lei è sempre simpatico....

  4. Belita, I love these still life photos along with the capture of the women having lunch. They are sitting in a beautiful setting.I like where you placed the pomegranates on the lacquered table. The backdrop behind the lamps enhances the photo.

  5. Photos with a breath of Portugal - love them all

  6. Hi Belita, lovely capture of a friendship. The platform with the legs is charming, so unusual, and I love the table lamps as well. My favorite is the pomegranates, wonderfully placed in the picture, reminding me of a rare treat. I learned to eat them as a child, a gift from my grandfather. Beautiful to see them in a picture.

  7. Thanks Benni! I was pleased ti read your comment particularly the last sentence....

  8. What a lovely outdoor seating area at the restaurant. That's quite an elaborate decoration /trompe l'oeil
    around the window and doorway.

    Love that second shot! So unique!

    Pretty pomegranates and such a beautiful parquet table!

    I love the colorful lamps and the juxtaposition of the framed print in the background.