Saturday, 28 June 2014

Picture This #257 ~ Pairs

Lovely banner picture by Baz.

I do not have many pair pictures, but here is what I found.

Two wet roses - they were one of those special offers in a pot last year. I planted them afterwards in the garden and this year they flowered again.
Roses in the rain

A pair of foxgloves from my garden

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  1. Hi Pat !! Lovely shots for the theme. Nice shot of the roses, I like the raindrops on the leaves, too. The foxgloves look so delicate. Not sure what's happening in the last shot, but something is definately a-foot!! LOL.

  2. Hi Pat! Lovely roses and beautiful delicate foxgloves. My favorite is at the bottom, really, it is such an expressive picture.

  3. hi dear English lady, your last pic made me laugh a lot.have a nice day

  4. I like the way you think outside the box by contributing the last photo. Beautiful flowers too.

  5. I always appreciate how you use your sense to choose the photos for each weekly theme... The three photos on here confirm my words...

  6. The roses are beautiful, Pat. I see a spiderweb there too, that has caught some of the water droplets.

    Nice shot of the foxglove. It's such a pretty flower.

    That last pair looks so comfortable!!!