Thursday, 19 June 2014

Picture This #255 ~ Your Life/Your Neighborhood


My little town of Moses Lake. Population 21,400 + or -.
Central Washington. Boast 300 days a year of sunshine. I can say that is just about right too, and that is no bull!

We have fish and a lot of fishermen come here to wet their lines. Fisherwomen too.

We also have farms. Lots of farms. In fact We grow more potatoes here than in Idaho. But they won't admit it.

Welcome to my little town for now. Never know when I might pack up and drive on to new attractions.
There are a lot of life changes going on here. That is for sure.


  1. Hi Randall!! Some wonderful shots for Heidi's theme!! Love the sky in that first shot. The cattle look hearty and healthy. Good beef, I'm betting!! Super shot of the potato field, I really like the half & half effect. Beautiful shot of the mare and her foals. Looks like a really nice area to live.

  2. Hi Randall. My father was stationed in Moses Lake during WW2. Love your pictures, most especially the fields. You probably know by now I have a fondness for minimalist shots, and that picture captivates me. Love the animals the fishing and the wagon wheel gate as well.

  3. Wonderful photos, Randall! Is that the gateway to your spread in that first photo? Nice shot of the mother and babe. Such pretty dark colors.

    That looks like a nice place to fish, but with that many people near by I'd get my lines crossed with someone else's, sure as the world.

    'Love the wide open fields. I sure miss that!

    "All the pretty little horses" anyone know that lull-a-bye?

  4. You live in such an interesting place. I just love that bull - and they wear the same earrings as the Swiss cows. Looks like you have everything, water, horses, cows and farmland. you have really caught the atmosphere in your shots.