Saturday, 28 June 2014

Picture This #257 ~ Pairs

Pairs, or in this case two Apricots.apricot

Two Colts one with a bit of dirt on his face, with a pair of parents watching over them.

Pair of ducks moving along.

Hopefully everyone is having a great weekend!!


  1. Hi Randall ! Lovely apricots, such great color. They look ready to burst out with juice. I love your colts and the ducks (are they merganser ducks?) are very striking.

  2. Yes I have been keeping an eye on the apricots. This is the first year I have had fruit on it. Trying to keep the birds from eating them all up before I get them.

  3. Lovely apricots

    Wonderful capture of the horses.

    Terrific shot of the duck

  4. Hi Randall!! Fabulous shots for this week's theme. Those apricots look ready to eat!! Better pick 'em before the birds get 'em!! LOL. Beautiful shot of the colts. The one nearest is wondering who you are. Love the shot of the ducks. The one on the right has a punk hairdo !!

  5. Randall, what a beautiful shot of the apricots. Wonderful grouping of the horses with the colts in the foreground. Nice shot of the ducks.

  6. We have apricots in Switzerland, but not as big and intensive coloured as the American version - good capture. Love the horse and duck composition

  7. Wonderful shots, Randall. I've never seen an apricot on a tree before. They looks so luscious! The only apricots I see are in a jar of jam.

    The horses are too beautiful for words!

    Such amusing little ducks...they look like punk rockers! Love it!

  8. They are tasty for sure. Yeah I like the wild head dress on the duck. Quacks me up.