Saturday, 7 June 2014

Picture This #254 ~ Curves And Lines

Very good banner photo - love the details.

I was going to put a photo of myself here for the curves, but decided that my curves have shifted to the wrong places over the year, so here are the results of the Swiss jury.

We had our front garden redone a couple of weeks ago. The lawn was just a mixture of moss and weeds and now and again a toad would hop across, so this is the new look, lots of curves and our new table has a few lines. This is only the small garden, so we only need room for two at a table - so romantic.
New garden
I was chopping some of my large leaved parsley from the garden and had a brainwave. That might be useful as a photo one day. This was last week and the parsley was for my salad dressing. Not even any bloodstains on the guillotine cutter, and believe me it is sharp.
Chopping parsley
I think this is called an Ipeion. It flowers every year in my garden.


  1. I love your new garden space, Pat! Lovely and romantic! "love that cute lil blue bird, too!

    WOW! I've never seen a knife like that! Good thing it has two handles so you keep your fingers out of the way!

    That last one is very pretty. It looks like garlic!

  2. Hi Pat, so nice to see you. What a very nice front garden. Your picture makes it look very cool and inviting. Inspired picture of the parsley and cutter! Great in its simplicity. And I really do like the Ipeion. I have never seen one before. Wonderful color and wonderful curves and lines.

  3. Hi Pat!! Three wonderful shots for Benni's theme. Your new garden layout is fabulous, I really like it!! That little bird is a special final touch. Great creative photo of the kitchen cleaver and parsley!! Love the flowers in the last shot. I never knew the proper name, I always called them 'starbursts' :-))

  4. Ipheion might not be the right name, I am still searching. It might be a Globularia

  5. Very cute that duckling in the first photo. I love your garden! Wow those parsley leaves are uncommonly large! That flower is very exotic to my eyes...

  6. Kind of reminds me of a ulu knife. I like it. Traditionally used by Yup'ik, Inuit, and Aleut, Great shots to boot.

  7. Just the place for a good book and cuppa.

    That is one "sharp" tool.

    Beautiful flowers

  8. Wonderful captures Pat I love the patio I don't have any grass around my home a task I always hated grass cutting LOL ;)