Saturday, 21 June 2014

Picture This #256 ~ Roads Or Rails

Hi all, 

First congrats to Nico for an awesome image selected for this weeks header. 

Thanks to Pat for a great theme, two things I often shoot.

So here are my choices for this week.

Iron Road, Lafayette, Louisiana.
P9300089 copy

BigSur, Highway 1, California.
california (263) copy

Lonely Road, Smokey Mountains, Tennessee.
Z0133518 copy

Road over the Waters, New Orleans - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Lake Second Visit 041 copy
The elevated road continued for miles, over Lake Begeaux.


  1. hi baz, love your exotic landscape with roads and rails so different from the ones we have around this part of the world

  2. Hi Baz !! Excellent shots for Pat's theme!! Great perspective in the first shot. Love the contrast between the coastal road in the 2nd shot and the winding mountain road in the 3rd !! I'd really like to explore the one in the third shot. Cool shot of the elevated roadway in the final photo.

  3. Three good shots Baz. l love the perpective in the first one of the bridge supports.

  4. Hi Baz, wonderful shot of the Iron road in Louisiana. Great colors. The Big Sur highway is majestic as is the Lonely Road in Tennessee. I wonder if the Baton Rouge Bridge is still there after the hurricane and the flooding in that area.

  5. Impressive structure

    Beautiful view

    Impressive mountain vista

    Sturdy structure

  6. Well, Baz, your photos for this week's theme, are really beautiful and, like Nico, I think they are very different from what we are used to see in Europe.

  7. Fantastic shot of the old train trestle, Baz!

    Boy, you sure get around!!!

    Nice shot of the coastline/roadway.

    I love the Smoky Mtns!!! Beautiful photo!

    Nice shot of the roadway over the lake. That would make me a bit edgy, I think.