Saturday, 7 February 2015

Picture This #289 ~ Features In Nature

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week's challenge. A really good theme, we should have some really interesting entries!! I love to find strange or odd-looking things in nature.

Here are mine:

1) Bryce Canyon, Utah. I call this the 'mother and child' rock, as it looks to me like a woman holding a baby.
Bryce - Ponderosa Point 13

2) Valley Of Fire, Nevada. Wind-sculpted 'Beehive Rock'.
Beehive 1

3) Grand Canyon, Arizona. A piece of petrified wood.
Petrified Wood 2

4) Sunset Volcanic Crater, Arizona. 'Horse Head' tree.
Horse Head


  1. Indeed it does look like that

    Wonderful swirling pattern

    To think that it was alive millions of years ago.

    Wow that is so cool

  2. Hi, Mitch! Wonderful images from the great West. I think "mother and child" rock is my favorite; it does indeed look like a woman holding a baby. Even the color accentuates the effect. Beehive Rock is very interesting as is the petrified wood. Wonderful colors. Amazing how much the tree looks like a horse's head. Great vision to see that.

  3. Here I am and love yours wonderful wonderful

  4. Interesting photos. Nature certainly knows how to do it with the woman and her baby. Two interesting stone formations and the last is really unique of the horses head in wood.

  5. Hi Mitch! You always share with us awesome shots and this week they are more awesome than ever, assuming this is possible...