Saturday, 28 February 2015

Picture This #292 ~ Patterns Or Textures

Look I am early. First of all wonderful banner photo and thanks for hosting Mitch. Shame that so few are now posting here. It might be something to do with blogger, perhaps not, but I will remain. Funny this would be the theme for this week, as I seem to have been doing some experiements with my photos in this way last week.

The sun was shining again last week and this is a simple and plain reflection on my stone tiled floor in the living room.
light effects on the stone floor

Mr. Swiss found a honeycomb outside on the porch, probably a fallen remainder of a last year wasp or bee nest, so I had to take a photo

Again some reflections of light on a blue glass vase I have.
blue vase

And some shadows on the wall caused by the sun shining through the blinds.


  1. Hi Pat !! Great shots for the theme!! I did a double-take when I saw you had posted so early!!! LOL. I really do like the simplicity of that sunlight pattern in the first shot. Cool honeycomb. I think maybe from a wasp nest, going by the shape. Lovely blue-glass reflection. Great shot of the sunlight through the bedroom blinds.

  2. Fantastic shots you have chosen. Loved them.

  3. A cool choice of shots Pat I like them all ;)

  4. Wonderful contrast in the grey paving and the dots of white

    The bees surely arebusy and inventive beings

    Beautiful blue glass and shadowplay

  5. Hi Pat, your pictures are of a sort I love to take and see. Patterns of light, ordinary yet extraordinary when photographed. The slanting light in the bedroom is just gorgeous!! Wonderful experiments and great captures.

  6. Hi Patti! From the top to the bottom photo, they all are beautiful and I like them all... what a beautiful blue glass vase!