Saturday, 14 February 2015

Picture This #290 ~ Trees

Hi all and wow!! My shot made banner. Thanks a ton!!
I am on my IPad this week cause my puter needs a battery. Ugh.
So in case this doesn't work, sorry!!

Monterey Pine with the Bridge

A tree in a roman ruin


  1. To see these bigger just click on them

  2. Hi Heidi !! Glad to see you managed to do an entry despite your technical problems. I've increased the size of the photos so that they can be seen better. Great shot of the trees in front of the GG bridge. I love the tree growing through the middle of the Roman ruin. Demonstrates that nature will always eventually overcome man's work.

  3. Hi Heidi! Congrats on your wonderful banner shot. You have two wonderful shots here as well. I love the windswept trees by the Golden Gate, and especially the tree growing out of the old Roman ruin. Very unusual and lovely.

  4. I have never attempted to post photos with my iPad. Hope your computer soon recovers. Both photos very impressive, especially the second one.

  5. Two nice shots but the second one is very interesting.... the tree enhances the beauty of the Roman ruin..