Saturday, 28 February 2015

Picture This #292 ~ Patterns Or Textures

 photo c6152564-5325-4bd3-95aa-6fe227e9a556_zpszc7hapvt.jpg

 photo de56be27-41b5-410e-9a9a-22c85abc56f3_zpsbhc9ytz3.jpg

 photo 033b7645-3b93-4f02-a0fb-98811923e557_zpssg2btmiz.jpg

 photo 3fc67e2a-9547-453a-a6fb-f423bf882a91_zpsxoixsqqd.jpg


  1. Hi Nik !! Many thanks for taking part this week!! Great shots for the theme. Love the ornate patterns on the silver boxes in the first two shots. Are they real silver? What are they used for? Nice pattern of palm leaves in the third shot. My fave is the final shot, wonderful leaf pattern and the raindrops make it even more special.

  2. Wonderful metalwork and the cactus and raindrops on the leaf - fabulous

  3. Hi Nik, I love your pictures, and especially the metal work on the boxes. The top one is just enchanting. Also your greenery is nice; the water drops on the leaf is beautiful.

  4. wonderful deails on the silver boxes, very good work. Lovely cactus and the drops on the leaf are a very good detail.

  5. Hi Nik, how wonderful
    all your pics are wonderful

  6. Hi Nik! Two very beautiful man-made patterns that really show well how sometimes craftsmanship are true pieces of art,,,
    Two very nice different that with the droplets...