Saturday, 28 February 2015

Picture This #292 ~ Patterns Or Textures

What a marvelous banner shot by Belita. The red cloak and the woman's expression say "rain" so wonderfully.

Here are my three.

Pink vase
Pink vase behind curtains.

Rock on the beach.

Palm frond
Palm frond.


  1. Very artistic shot your pink vase, love it. An interesting rock and well worth a photo. It looks polished. Very good details in the palm leaf.

  2. Hi Benni !! Three wonderful shots for the theme!! Love the pattern of the curtains and how everything behind them is 'impressionistic'. Fantastic patterns in the rock you found!! Did you keep it? I would have!! Cool palm frond to finish.

  3. Thank you. I did not take the rock as I only had my camera and bathing suit with no pockets.

  4. hi benni love them all but especially the rock on the bech great colors

  5. Beautiful laceveil, stonevase and palmfond

  6. Hi Benni! Thanks s very much for praising the banner shot...
    Once again, you show us three very beautiful shots. The top one is enigmatic...the second one looks like a piece of toffee and the bottom one, a beautiful fan for hot weather.... I really love all the three...