Sunday, 1 February 2015

Picture This #288 ~ ABC

A for Abito, which means 'dress' in Italian

B for Bretheren

C for Cibo, which means 'food' in Italian


  1. Wonderful pictures as always, Nico. What a fabulous dress on the top. Great picture of the parade with the brethren, I love this shot as it is something very different from anything I see here. And, finally, delicious looking food, a very good picture for "C".

  2. Hi Nico!! Wonderful shots for this week's theme!! Beautiful classical dress in the first shot. Nicely captured religious ceremony in the second. My fave is definately the third shot. What a fantastic collection of delicious foods!!

  3. Hi Nico! Excellent shot of that gorgeous dress of a beautiful colour and design. Was that Bretheren parade held during the Holy Week? Excellent festival of Italian sausages....

    1. no belita that parade was held in may during our Patron's holiday

  4. Beautiful dress

    All for one and one for all

    Yum! lots of delicies

  5. Wow, Nico! Fabulous shots! I love the dress. I love period pieces,(A work which evokes the era in which it was produced, but may not have any other especial features) movies,etc... I'm sure there is quite a history behind this dress.

    The next shot of "The Brethern" is my favorite. I love your people shots!

    Just imagine looking at that last shot a few years from now and ooohhing and ahhhing over the prices! Nice shot!

  6. Three very interesting shots. Love the photo of the food and a well earned place as banner picture this week.