Saturday, 14 February 2015

PT CCXC ~ Trees

Beautiful banner by Heidi and wonderful theme by Benni

This luminescent tree was photographed by me one December evening during the Helsingborg Light Festival
012 photo 012_Trees.jpg

My bike route to and from town.
177 photo 177_Painting_Main_zpsffd9ba11.jpg

Taken on the way home from work one evening.
 photo 148_FavTimeoftheDay-1.jpg


  1. Hi Anders! Three smashing pictures for the theme. I just love the golden tree. It's absolutely enchanting. How I envy you your bike route; the quality of light in the picture is wonderful. Also love those three trees, nice composition, lovely blue sky heading to night.

  2. Hi Anders!! Great shots for Benni's theme!! Beautifully illuminated tree in the first shot. I love the verdant greens of the woodland in the second shot, a lovely place to walk I bet. Great silhouettes of the trees in the twilight in the final shot.

  3. Hi Anders! Nice to see photos of trees taken at different hours....