Sunday, 8 February 2015

Picture This #289 ~ Features In Nature

Great Banner Picture from Nico and thanks for hosting Anders.

The local Jura mountains seem to make their own patterns when the snow falls. Took the photo last week from the road.
Snow on the Jura

Sometimes our pampas did what it wanted to.
Pampas in the rain

Mushrooms growing on a tree trunk
In the wood, mushroom on tree trunk


  1. Beautiful shimmering greys and whites.

    Bad hair day?

    Wonderful shrooms

  2. Hi Pat !! Great photos for Anders' theme. The snow on the Jura mountains is beautiful, if rather cold. Pampas grasses always make for interesting photographic subjects. I like to photograph them in silhouette with the sun behind them. Wonderful shot of the fungi growing up the trunk, like a tree-nymph's staircase :-))

  3. Hi Pat! Your photo of the Jura mountains is quite striking! The trees and snow and different shades of blues and grays are wonderful. Pampas grass will do that - nice shot. And I love the little mushrooms clinging to the tree trunk. They almost look chocolate.

  4. Hi Pat! I like the three shots but the colony mushroom is my favourite not only for the colour of the fungi but also how they seem to have chosen to be guarded by the ivy leaves

  5. Wonderful Pat I love the mushrooms yum yum