Sunday, 22 February 2015

Picture This #291 ~ Rain, Rainbow Or Clouds


Nature is fantastic sometimes, isn't it?

From my window


  1. Hi Nico!! Good to see you taking part again. Wonderful photos for Heidi's theme. The close-up of the raindrops is beautiful. The cloud formation in the second shot is amazing!! It looks so much like a 'dove of peace'. Great shot of the clouds over your home town.

  2. Ciao, Nico, nice to see you. Your pictures are marvelous as always! The raindrops on your first picture are so delicate, along with the fine brushes of the plant. Maybe my favorite. But then there is that wonderful bird made of clouds, fabulous. Fantastic, as you say. And I very much like the photo of the clouds from your window. Very beautiful.

  3. Hi Nico! Three awesome shots... the top one looks like a very fine crystal glass artwork... Incredible how the clouds at that moment had the shape of a dove carrying a leaf of a (olive?) tree.... Beautiful symbol of peace presented by Nature.... Nice view from your window....