Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Beautiful banner by Benni and wonderful theme by Debby.

A for Apple - the tree grows in our garden.  
 photo DSC_0006_zps93c33cee.jpg

B for Beach - taken on a visit to a beach near the little fishing community Åhus on the east coast of Scania
 photo 009_Rowboat_On_the_Beach_zpsa6427410.jpg

C for Car - mum's old car - went to the scrappers last year.
 photo 028_Transport_zpsd122f7e5.jpg


  1. Hi Anders! I like your pictures. The apple is beautiful and looks delicious. I love the little car; too bad it ended its life at the scrappers, but they all do I guess. The boat picture is my favorite, blue sky and sea, grass, sand, and the brownish color of the boat itself. All go together to make a lovely capture.

  2. Hi Anders!! Great shots for this week's theme!! Delicious-looking apple!! (I resized the image for you so that it fits better). Love the old row-boat in the second shot. Good shot of your mom's old car. I just took my car to the scrappers this past weekend, I had been driving it for 16 years!!! Got a nice newer one now.

  3. Perfect choices for the theme! I'd like to take a bit out of that apple. It looks delicious! Wonderful shot, Anders!

    I love the boat on the shore. Looks like it might be tough work navigating around all of those rocks.

    What a cute little car and a pretty color, too. Too bad it had to go to the scrappers!

  4. Hi Anders! I like all the three shots...nice colour of the apple.... very serene seascape... cute city car...

  5. Sorry I am late, still catching up. Love your photos. the apple is particularly good the way you caught the water drops.