Saturday, 28 February 2015

PT CCXCII ~ Patterns Or Textures

Beautiful banner by Belita and theme by Mitch.

A window in the church of the small village Domsten north of where I live.
 photo DSC_0453.jpg

A cobbled path in the Kulturen Open Air Museum in the centre of the university city of Lund
 photo DSC_0270.jpg

A piece of wood which I found on the northern beach of our village.
 photo DSC_0081.jpg


  1. Hi Anders!! Good to see you back this week. Wonderful pattern in the church window, I love to see leaded-glass. Cool pattern in the cobbles in the second shot. Great capture in the final shot, wood always has interesting patterns in it.

  2. ahh anders very very nice love them all

  3. Hi Anders! Great work this week. You made the stones special by adding that piece of light! The wood is wonderful for its texture. My favorite is the window up top!! It's beautiful and fascinating. I love the pattern and the colors inside the church as seen from the outside.

  4. Lovely colourful reflections in the window. I like the light effect on the stones and the wood is very interesting with its various patterns.

  5. Hi Anders! There are patterns and textures than no one can be's the case of the three photos... very nice!