Saturday, 14 February 2015

Picture This #290 ~ Trees

Many thanks to Benni for stepping in at the last moment to host this week, much appreciated!! A great theme, with lots of possible variations, we should see some interesting shots!!

Here are mine:

1) King Of The Castle. Zion National Park, Utah
Trees & Rocks 16

2) Sunset Tree. Slop Bog, Dorset, England.
Sunset Tree

3) Tall And Straight. New Forest, England.
Tall 1

4) On The Edge. Amroth, Wales.


  1. Hi Mitch, what a nice variety of tree shots. Great capture of the tree growing out of rock in Zion. Wonderful colors behind the dark branches in your next one. Slop Bog is such an interesting name. I love looking up at the trees growing so straight and tall; that's a fabulous perspective. My favorite is the bottom "On the Edge", spooky, haunting and magical.

  2. All very effective photos. The second has a wonderful background of red sky and the last is very dramatic, do I see a face in the cliff outline? A good balanciing trick from a tree in the first one and the view of the tall trees is very impressive.

  3. Beautiful lone tree

    Exceptional sunset and intricate black latticework of the branches

    Impressive natural spires

    Beautiful and melancholy

  4. Hi Mitch! I like the four shots so much that I can't pick up a favourite. Love the perspective in the bottom one, while the tall trees could be one image of a kaleidoscope, the gorgeous sunset behind the tree silhouette makes this look very delicate and the top one is very unique...