Saturday, 14 February 2015

Picture This #290 ~ Trees

Great banner picture by Heidi and thanks to Benni for hosting.

I have a Kerria Japonica in my garden, one of the first to flower in Spring.
Kerria Japonica

We also have a lilac bush just outside the garden
Lilac Bush

Anyone for a Hawthorne?
And our hibiscus


  1. Hi Pat, just beautiful flowering trees and bushes. The brilliant yellow of the Japonica must be a very welcome sight in the spring. Very nice shots of the lilac and hawthorne. Your shot of the hibiscus is well done, showing all the stages of blossoming and marvelous color.

  2. Hi Pat!! Wonderful shots for Benni's theme. A lovely collection of flowering bushes and trees. Nice 'mellow yellow' of the Japonica. The Lilac bush is beautiful. A haven for butterflies in summer, no doubt!! I really like the Hawthorne's snow-white blossom. Is the plant in the final shot a Hibiscus? It could also be a Mallow, which has similar blooms to the Hibiscus.

  3. From the four shots of the trees in your garden, I can easily figure how beautiful your garden must be...
    different flowers, different colours...