Saturday, 7 February 2015

Picture This #289 ~ Features In Nature

Thank you Anders for a challenging and fun theme. Congrats, Nico, on your banner shot, wonderful and colorful meats.

Heart of the beach
I found this stone on the beach, to me it looks like a heart.

Reflection of palms
Palms reflected in a pool of water

Tongue of a tortoise. I thought it was sort of cute.


  1. Hi Benni!! Great shots for Anders' theme. Yes, that stone in the first shot definately looks like a heart. The palms reflected in the water is an interesting shot. I really like the patterns of the ripples and how they distort the reflections. The nearest palm reflection looks kinda like a demonic face. I love the tortoise photo. He's obviously exhausted from all that running around he's been doing!! LOL.

  2. Interesting stone, very good angle on the palm trees in the water and I have never seen a tortoise tongue before.

  3. Peculiar stone

    Wonderful reflections

    :D indeed

  4. Hi Benni! Three very interesting shots for the theme! Love the top one...very romantic! What a beautiful effect of the palms in the water! I didn't know turtles' tongues were of that colour...nice one!