Sunday, 1 February 2015

Picture This #288 ~ ABC

A - Anxiety
 photo 8136ead6-cf4e-4c9e-a6b0-29629bde3862_zpsce096394.jpg

 photo 7bb5c035-4625-4d13-8b5d-0ea098a48b1a_zps0b3c4c9d.jpg

 photo f078d548-b432-4c61-a6d7-1ddc805cf193_zps94196afb.jpg


  1. Hi Nik!! Great shots for this week's theme. I definately think the driver of that vehicle will be feeling anxiety, I think he's about to get a ticket, or worse!! I wonder if he was illegally parked, or what the problem was? Very colourful shop display in the second shot. Cool old car in the final shot, looks well maintained and cared-for.

  2. hi nikil, cool pics. love the first

  3. Hi, Nik, I love your pictures. The first is a marvelous capture of people and certainly anxiety! I like the guy on the motor cycle looking back. On a totally different note, the butterfly in the shop window is whimsical and lovely. And a very nice photo of the front of that car. Great shots.

  4. Hi Nik! Interesting ABC .... I like them... what a huge butterfly!

  5. lol lol lol...GREAT interpretation of that first photo! Fantastic shot! I love the way the guy on the scooter is looking back at the policeman writing a ticket.

    I LOVE that butterfly! Beautiful display window!

    Cool car! do you know the make and model?

    Wonderful shots, all three!

  6. I love those photos showing life in India, especially the policeman in the first one.