Saturday, 31 January 2015

Picture This #288 ~ ABC

I love this theme, Debby, and had fun looking for pictures for it.  And I'm so tickled to see my little sunflower and bug as banner picture.

April. Golden crocus pop out even before I have a chance to clean the leaves off the bed.

Plover on beach
Bird on the beach

Catch. This fisherman attracted quite an audience when he was trying to get lunch. But this fish was too small, and after taking the hook out he let it go. I don't think the birds caught anything.


  1. Gorgeous golden crocus, Benni! I haven't seen these growing in the wild here.

    I love the bird on the beach. Love his long legs.

    That last shot is my favorite. Smart pelicans. I saw sights like this at Sanibel island. Two storks waiting patiently beside a fisherman. Fantastic capture.

  2. Hi Benni !! Wonderful shots for this week's theme. I love the golden colour of the Crocus flowers in the first shot. Glorious light and a great contrast to the dead leaves. Great shot of the bird on the beach. Is it a Sandpiper? I love to watch them running in and out of the water. That pelican in the last shot seems to be saying "I want it!! I want it!!"

    1. Indeed it is a sandpiper. I have it mislabeled as a plover on Flickr. Glad you caught that.

  3. hi benni congrats for the banner e reallymagnificent shot. comin' to today's pics they arelovely my fav is the second one

  4. Hi Benni! Three awesome shots for Debby's theme. Pretty yellow flowers... I presume the temperature of the water was not cold, otherwise the bird wouldn't have a pleasurable walk... The third shot is my favourite... there is motion in it...

  5. Pretty flowers

    I walk the walk

    "Mine, mine..."

  6. I am so much behind with the photos. Love the flowers in the first shot, such radiant colours. Your birds are interesting, not something I see every day and the last photo is a great action shot.