Friday, 30 January 2015


Beautiful banner by Benni and wonderful theme by Mitch.

An alley in the Fredriksdal Open Air Museum.
 photo DSC_0065_zps54986d49.jpg

A moss-grown moat of the Castle Krapperup
 photo DSC_0458_zps0f85d23e.jpg

A flowerbed full of "Starry Eyes" at the Sofiero castle garden
 photo DSCN0703_zps787f10bd.jpg


  1. Hi Anders!! So glad you were able to post. Love your pictures; the first is a lane I would love to walk on or take a horseback ride on. Lovely atmosphere. The moat is great with the contrast of the green water and the castle. And what pretty little blue flowers those are. Nice spring photograph.

  2. Hi Anders!! Didn't think you were going to take part this week!! Only just made it in time!! Three wonderful shots for the theme. I love the avenue of trees in the first shot, looks a lovely place to walk. I think the owners of Castle Krapperup need to clean out their moat more often!! Beautiful flowers in the third shot.

    1. Hi Mitch - Facebook and G+ has kept me pretty busy. But I thought I contribute this week when I felt that I could. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Three lovely green photos, especially the one of the moat, very interesting and impressive.

  4. What a lovely name for the flowers. "Starry Eyes". So fitting for these little beauties. Great shot, Anders.
    Nice shot of the moat and the allée.