Saturday, 24 January 2015


Congratulations, Nico! Mitch's choice for this week's banner is perfect!

A young gypsy woman in green green

One of the side walls of a golf clubhouse (Lisbon) green

An ornamental majolica plate - Portuguese made green 

I don't know the botanical name but in Portugal we call it something like 'It's nothing to do with your life'


  1. A very good capture in the first photo. Impressive graffiti in the second and Portugal has excellent ceramic forms. We have the plant in Switzerland as well and it has a strange name. something like hundreds and thousands I think.

  2. Hi Belita!! Wonderful photos for this week's theme. The gypsy girl is very pretty, particularly with her face-painted design. I really like that painted design on the clubhouse. That ornamental plate is beautiful!! I love the two-headed lizard. I have also seen that plant in the last shot, but do not know it's name!!!

    Thank you for your thoughts on what I wrote about possibily moving the group. At least for the time being, I have decided to stay with Blogger.

    1. Many thanks, Mitch! I have found the scientific name for that green plant. It's called Soleirolia soleirolii.In English, I read, it's called either 'bride's mattress' or 'baby's tears'.

  3. Hi Belita! Four lovely pictures. You do have a way with people and the young woman is delightful in a green shirt and flower just like the one beside her. She has an interesting look on her face, almost wistful or maybe tentative. Very nice green painting and marvelous (I'd like to have it) ornamental plate. Lovely plant, we have them here too, can't think of the name.

  4. Hello Belita. Loved your entries especially the ornamental plate.

  5. bom dia Belita, nice set of shots. the first one is my fav. adieu

  6. Nice shots, Belita. Lovely young lady. Do you know what her shirt says? I'm guessing it's a music festival.

    great mural...I wonder who the artist was?

    What an interesting plate! Why is the lizard two headed?

    Pretty plant and pot!

  7. Wonderful shot of the pretty girl in green

    Cool image

    Exquisite art

    Beautiful arrangement