Saturday, 10 January 2015

Picture This #285 ~ There Are Places I Remember

I think this is a wonderful theme and I wish I had access to more pictures of places I have visited. I only started digital in 2003, but, of course I have taken some pictures in the past 11 or so years.

The banner shot by Randall is very special and haunting.

Canada looking out over Lake Superior

Holland, Michigan. Not too far from me, I've been going there since I was a child.

The last picture I took in Florida in 2009, the night before we left. It was a bittersweet evening as I didn't think we would be able to return. Not the greatest of my pictures, but a place and time I surely remember.


  1. Wonderful shots and so much that I would never see in Switzerland. Everything is so big and wide. Holland looks very homely, it would be my favourite beach as well.

  2. That first shot of lake Superior is gorgeous!

    There's nothing like being at the beach. Lovely shot!

    pretty sunset!

  3. Great shots to have and memories to go along with them. This is a fun theme for that reason. Gets us into the old files.

  4. Hi Benni !! Lovely shots for Baz's theme!! The shot of Lake Superior at dusk, with all the trees silhouetted is beautiful. really nice beach at Holland. Not many folks around, which is always a good thing!! Wonderful final shot of Florida. That's the thing about photos of places that held a strong personal time passes the image remains the same but the emotion felt at the time of the photo fades into memory.

  5. Wonderful captures Benni I have the same problem so many of my images pre digital are slides and need special equipment to digitise them. These are Fabulous shots I love them all thanks for contributing ;)

  6. hi benni, love your pics. my fav is the first one

  7. Hi Pat! Very beautiful three shots for Baz's theme! Very serene lake in the first, in contrast with the movement of the waves in the second ... gorgeous sunset in the third, my favourite!

  8. Exquisite capture

    Beautiful expanse of beach and the brilliant paleblue sky

    Stunning sunset