Saturday, 3 January 2015

Picture This #284 ~ Photos From A Car

Hi all, wishing you a Happy New Year and thanks to Pat for a cool theme and a beautiful Header from Mitch.

Shots from cars appear frequently in the road trip collections I have, here are the ones I selected for the theme.

Dawn on Highway One Pacific Coast California.
california (265) copy

Autumn, Smoky Mountains Road Trip
Z0133497 copy

Smoky Mountains Road Trip, in Kentucky

Another Sunset in another town on another road trip, I know not where LOL.


  1. Beautiful shimmering palegrey sheen on the rock and sedate natural colours of the landscape

    Beautiful rich orange, yellow and green and sturdy tunnelentrance.


    Utterly lovely pastelblue sky and burning liquid gold horizon

    1. LOL Yes a night stop I think ;) Thanks Anders

  2. Hi Baz !! Fabulous shots for Pat's theme. Love that first shot, the mist gives the island an air of mystery, could almost be a scene from a movie. Beautiful Fall colours in the second shot. Great shot of the 'Wonderworks' in the third shot. I visited one of those in Florida. Lovely sunset in your final shot.

  3. The first photo is very impressive. The tunnel entrance is very effective. Interesting glimpse of Smokey Mountain road scenery and the last is a perfect sunset.

  4. Beautiful pictures, especially going into the tunnel. The bottom picture is gorgeous - nature's lights besting the commercial neon. The setting is along I-75 in Ohio or Kentucky, I'd bet.

    1. It could well be Benni LOL. Thanks for your kind comments ;)

  5. Awesome shots, each one with its peculiarities,making them a beautiful set in its whole...