Sunday, 25 January 2015

Picture This #287 ~ Green

 photo 024617c6-ca7e-4595-9278-f4f390542095_zpsbbfcb42c.jpg

 photo 7fb211a4-30bd-48fd-9e9a-ba0e1838ace1_zps69a69ed9.jpg

 photo 7ec8a0dc-49d2-4772-a1fe-fee4749dead7_zpsdf248bdb.jpg

 photo 579759e1-ef59-48bb-b7cb-1901296f7d0e_zps039b13b8.jpg

 photo dc2becfb-80ac-425d-ad2e-17a999ff1eae_zps724d0ea3.jpg


  1. Hi Nikhil! Such intense greens in your foliage shots. I especially like the one with the drops of water. I also love the photo of the building with green windows. Very interesting.

  2. Hi Nik!! Good to see you taking part this week. A great selection of photos for the theme. The flowers in the third and fifth shots are great off-sets for the dark greens of the leaves. I really like the colourful building starting to take shape in the fourth shot. My fave is definately the second shot, of the water-droplets sitting on the green leaf. It stands out nicely against the red background.

  3. They are all very good shots, but I particularly like the one with the palm in the first photo.

  4. Hi Nik! I like this bunch of shots on this week's theme. Love the bottom photo... the white flowers resemble paper pinwheels with which I so much loved to play when I was a child...

  5. Great shots, Nik! Looks like that guy is manicuring his lawn very carefully!

    I love the water drops on the leaf.

    Pretty flowers!

    And that building is so COOL!

  6. Amazing cactus

    Beautiful crystaline droplets on the leaf

    Exquisite flower

    Cool building

    Beautiful shot.