Saturday, 24 January 2015

Picture This #287 ~ Green

Wonderful banner by Nico. Ancient architecture at its most splendid. Age does not mar its beauty.

Bug on a sunflower plant

Upside down looking at these dainty Solomon Seal flowers

Beaver pond, north of Lake Superior

Green glass tray, one of my own favorites.


  1. Hi Benni !! Wonderful shots for this week's theme. Love that first shot, a fabulous macro of the plant, can see every little hair, plus the colourful little visitor. Another lovely green plant in the second shot, I really like those little bell-flowers. Are there really beavers in Beaver Pond? Can imagine seeing them swimming there. Wonderful colours and textures in your final shot.

    1. The pond was made by beavers damming up a stream. But I never have seen one swimming there. I think the pond is old and the beavers moved on.

  2. Great shots for this weeks entry. Loved the close up of the plants and the photo of the Beaver pond

  3. hi bennie wonderful shots,the first two are really stunning, so vivd that you can feel them

  4. Lovely shots. I like the first one of the green bud of the sunflower with its little bug, perfect shot of the moment. The second has some great detail - is that what we call Lily of the Valley? Nice surroundings with the beaver dam and the last is a very nice tray.

  5. Thank you all, I am happy you enjoyed these. The flowers in the second picture are Solomon's Seal, somewhat like lily-of-the-valley, but taller.

  6. Hi Benni! I see on this page four lovely shots. You never disappoint my curiosity, once I read the theme and see the photos posted by you.... Actually, you have your own style and that's fantastic. I love it! It does show you have your peculiar personality, as much peculiar as the beautiful green grass tray...

  7. Benni, these are beautiful shots!!! I love them all. I think your green glass tray is just gorgeous.

  8. Exquisite capture

    Sweet and petite

    Utterly lovely and serene

    Stunning shot