Friday, 2 January 2015

Picture This #284 ~ Photos From A Car

Hello everyone, it's Pat from the snow covered winter in Switzerland. For lack of New Year photos and a busy week I was absent last week, but have returned.  I don't have time on Saturday, so here is the link for this week. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. You can interpret the them according to your photo supplies, so here we go into the near year.

A snow covered landscape on a local road
The Road to Langendorf
The parking garage at the local supermarket. We were just taking off.
Parking Langendorf
Driving through the alley
The Road to Langendorf
The road home
Leaving Langendorf


  1. Hi Pat. Great theme!! I might just have some pictures that will fit as my Tom, once he gets started, does not generally like to stop. Yours are lovely; I especially love the snow covered trees in the alley.

  2. Hi Pat! Great shots for the theme... Stunning photos of the alley and of the road home, my favourites.

  3. cool theme and great shots Pat and a good new year to you

  4. Great theme Pat and some very creative shots to get us going. Happy New Year ;)

  5. Beautiful and serene wintershot

    Almost full...

    Lovely snowcovered trees

    Love the brilliant sun in the pastelble sky.

  6. Hi Pat !! Many thanks for hosting this week. A great original theme, lots of possibilities. That tree seems rather lonely in the first shot. Interesting shot within the parking garage. I love both the third and fourth photos, both are beautiful 'winter wonderland' type shots.