Saturday, 10 January 2015

Picture This #285 ~ There Are Places I Remember

Wonderful banner photo. The places I remember are also in my pre digital days, mostly just black and white, so I will have a look what I find.

This is a very old photo from the Isle of Wight, taken some time at the end of the fifties, beginning sixties. We always went on family holidays. The background is Osbourne House, summer holiday residence of Queen Victoria built in an Italian style and very impressive. I visited the palace often.

My mum second from left with my dad next to her. Others, my aunt and uncle with their twin sons, my cousins.
Osbourne House Entrance

This is a view of the Tremelo Road in the Italian part of Switzerland. It was use before the motorway and the tunnel was built and I did travel on its 80 odd curves once. It is still there, but fallen a bit into repair, something like the old route 66 in the states.
Tremelo road Tessin

And here is one for Mitch, taken on my visit to Marrakesh in the souks at the butchers shop.

Market scene in the souks

And this is the chieftain of a Moroccan village outside of Marrakesh looking after his donkey

House in Marrocan village


  1. Hi Pat, such interesting pictures!! Your first shot is just great, a wonderful family portrait in front of Victoria's summer cottage. Very nice curvy road in Switzerland, made for motoring (as my Tom would say). Two wonderful photos that capture the exotic atmosphere of Marrakesh.

  2. Hi Pat I love them all --but the road to Italy I remember it well we use to use often befor the freeway was finished joy oh joy that was

  3. I love the photo of your family, Pat. I have twins cousins, too. On both my mother's and my father's side. I see the twins have their own camera. Lucky kids! How old are they here, about 13 or 14?

    That's some view of the road way. Interesting bit of history.

    Nice shot of the butcher shop and the neighboring vegetable shop.

    That last one is my favorite. It looks like he's loading his donkey up with manure to be used for fertilizer.

  4. Cool look back. Love the road. That would have made for some fun driving back when I was more into that kind of wild thing. Now a days, I would be taking it much slower and viewing the surroundings more. He he. Love the family. It is always nice to go back and see earlier times. Marrakesh looks like it was an awesome fun place for a photographer.

  5. Hi Pat !! great shots for this week's theme. Love the old family photo. I posted something similar on my FB page on Thursday. Fantastic shot of the Tremolo Road, it's a route I always wanted to try my hand at driving. It also reminds me of the old Michael Caine movie "The Italian Job". Ahh, yes, the third shot does remind me of my trip to Marrakech, way back in 1983. I loved the place, it was so fascinating. Another good Morocco shot to finish with.

  6. Wonderful shots that excite me, I had the feeling that we would get some wondeful shots from you and we did Pat, lovely memories of wonderful places ;)

  7. Ciao Pat, fab pics. the African ones are my faw

  8. Hi Pat! Love all the four shots but that of your family is very special...

  9. Wonderful family photo

    Lovely and majestic mountain landscape and delightful undulating road

    Wonderful shot of the Morrocan streetkitchen and the man and his donkey