Saturday, 24 January 2015

Picture This #287 ~ Green

The banner photo from Nico was also my favourite photo

I once visited a reptile exhibition in Biel and I was sure I would find a green lizard somewhere, so here it is

Getting down on your hands and knees to take a photo in a maize field is not advisable when you reach a certain age, but I did it
Mais in Feldbrunnen

I suppose the water doesn't get greener than this, thank goodness for a couple of brave goldfish.
Pond with goldfish

And finally the remains of the asparagus, the peelings


  1. Hi Pat !! Great shots for this week's theme!! Love the chameleon in the first shot, they are such strange-looking creatures, but fascinating. Nice angle for the maize shot, even if it was difficult to get up afterwards!! I think all of us are starting to have that problem!! The green algae in the water makes the fish look impressionistic!! I do like asparagus, but don't get to have it very often.

    Thanks for your comments on my thoughts about moving the group. On reflection, at least for the time being, I have decided to stick with Blogger.

  2. Hi Pat, fabulous lizard! I don't think I've ever seen one so green. I like the maize, getting down at our age is not so difficult, but getting back up it! Very green water, an algal bloom? And nice shot of the asparagus peelings, makes me hungry for them.

  3. Hello Pat. Loved the shots. The maize shot looks great. Loved the goldfish hidden in the water shot.

  4. hi pat wow the lizard is really horrible, Ilove the pic of the pond with the golden fish

  5. Hi Pat! I'm not very fond of reptiles, however, I admit, I love the top photo. Behind the second shot, I see how brave you were to take it... Very interesting green colour of that pond while the peelings of the asparagus, apparently not the utmost attractive subject for photography, resulted great!

  6. Cute lizard! It's such a beautiful shade of green!

    The corn looks wonderful! healthy.

    Poor goldfish...Is this your pond, Pat?

    yum! asparagus!

  7. Beautiful chameleon on the shimmering green moss

    Amaizing shot

    Great shot of the murky pool