Saturday, 17 January 2015

PT CCLXXXVI ~ Architecture

Beautiful banner by Belita and great theme by Benni.

This part of our house is the oldest - its the old stables.
 photo Stugan_zps5d978755.jpg

The preschool building of the small community of Råå that lies south of my hometown of Helsingborg.
 photo DSCN0647_zpsc6ad8949.jpg

The entrance to the Maritime Museum of Helsingör, the city that lies across from Helsingborg on the Danish side of the Öresund.
 photo DSCN0446_zpscaf03975.jpg


  1. Hi, Anders! Quite a lot of variety in your shots, I like that. The entrance to the museum is awesome, clean straight lines and very modern. The preschool also has great lines. I think I see a reflection of the sea in one of the windows. A very unusual building. My favorite is the old stable building, fresh in the spring light with yellow tulips and a blue door. Wonderful shot.

  2. Some clean cut typical Scandinavian architecture, plain and simple but effectual.

  3. Amazing architecture, Anders! The museum is so interesting with all the different angles and the long sloping walk ways.

    Your house is so charming!

  4. hej hej anders, lovely ancient cottage

  5. Hi Anders!! Lovely shots for Benni's theme. Really nice first shot. Is that part of the main house or is it used for storage or a workshop, perhaps? Very unusual design in the second shot. If you had not said what it was, my guess would have been a factory of some kind!! It certainly doesn't look like any school building I've seen before!! Great shot of the museum to finish.

    1. Thanks Mitch - the first shot shows the small cottagelike stable lies adjacent to the main building.

  6. Hi Anders! Nice shots... love the simplicity in the top photo contrasting with the amazing architecture in the others,