Saturday, 24 January 2015

Picture This #287 ~ Green

Hi everyone!! This is Mitch and I'll be your host for this week. Before we get started this week, I have to tell you all that I am seriously considering moving the group. I've been thinking about it for some time, but recently another member has said they will no longer take part because of continuing problems with Blogger, and a couple of others have expressed dissatisfation with both Blogger and Flickr. The only place where most of the members already are is Facebook, but I'm reluctant to move the group there, as it would be impossible to keep the format we are so used to for 'Picture This', however there are no other candidates that all the members would use. I've not made any decision yet, but I would welcome feedback from you, the members of the group.  

Ok, on to this week's theme. The subject is GREEN. The most commonly seen colour of nature in many parts of the world, my own photos will all be of nature subjects, but you can post anything of that colour, natural or man-made.

1) Fern unfolding.
Fern 1

2) Path through green forest
Woodland Path 1

3) Euphorbia plant
Euphorbia 1

4) Sunlight through Gunnera leaf
Sunlight Through Gunnera Leaf 4


  1. Hi Mitch! Love the four shots you are sharing with us...beautiful curly shape in the first whereas the detail in the third gives me the illusion that there are miniature blooms inside the main one... Wonderful!

    Regarding your question about the 'survival' of this wonderful Group and despite the difficulties you mention some of the members are encountering to post on here, I feel sorry for them as I have no difficulty at all, but I'm afraid if you move it to FB, the Group will get much smaller than now. I myself don't like FB and you may have already noticed, I have almost given up posting for I&W. Anyway, as it happens in so many aspects of life, there is lose and gain... perhaps the Group would loose some members and would get new ones if it moved to FB...

  2. I also have no problem with Blogger or Flikr, but I do have a problem with Facebook. I have belonged to Facebook for many years and mainly use it for contact with my family and a couple of groups from my past (school and my origins). Otherwise like Belita I am not a great fan of Facebook and only really make a comment now and again. As you know I belonged to Baz photo group and your group there but had to leave as it was taking up too much time and just making a like was not enough and I just did not have the time to comment on every photo. I wish the group good luck, but I will not be joining you in Facebook, although many probably will.

    The first photo is really very original and a super caputure as well as the Euphorbia plant which I have never seen before. Love the green scenery in the forest and the sunlight through the leaf intensifies the green colour.

  3. Beautiful textures in your fern and leaf. I love the path through the forest and the marvelous capture of the Euphorbia plant. So many greens and textures in one plant.

    I like the format of the group here. Reading some of the other posts, I am glad you are leaning towards keeping the group on Blogger. The "like" button is so easy to use on FB, and I am afraid we would not get the quality of comments which, for me, is one of the most valuable part of the group.

  4. Hello Mitch. Great theme and loved the fantastic photos. FB is not the best place to host a group as one cannot access other folks entries as easily as here. I love the Blogger format and have loved using it for many years. Flickr I don't like at all, I hope this group stays here otherwise FB is fine,

  5. hi mitch first of all ty for choosing one of my pic as photo of the week, without knowing it you made me a birthday present as today it is my 67th birthday, coming to the decision of moving the group I say that I love this but if you should choose fb for me it's okay.
    Love your pics and particularly the las t one

  6. Beautiful shots, Mitch. That first one is amazing! Two of my favorite subjects...ferns and GREEN!

    That path looks so inviting! Nice shot!

    That's a pretty plant, and one I don't think I've seen before.

    Pretty patterns in the Gunnera leaf.

  7. Great theme, Mitch

    Wow - beautiful insectlike curl

    The road goes ever, ever on and on

    Beautiful iridescent green

    Utterly lovely iridescent intricate green pattern