Saturday, 10 January 2015

Picture This #285 ~ There Are Places I Remember

Many thanks to Baz for hosting this week. A great theme for me, as I've always loved to travel. There are some places I visited in pre-digital days that I'd love to show photos of, but alas a lot of my pre-digital photo collection has been lost over the years, so no photos of places such as Morocco, Malta, Kefalonia, Turkey or Madeira. The ones I am going to post are all of more recent travels, and of course, all in the US.

1) GRAND CANYON. First time I saw it was in 2010. On that occasion I only saw it for about half hour before a snowstorm swept in and obscured the view!! This was one of my first shots before it really clouded over.
Grand Canyon 51

2) NEW YORK. I got to see NYC for the first time in 2010 also, and quite unexpectedly. This was the year of the Icelandic volcano, which erupted while I was in the US. It meant I had an extra week there. As I was staying in a hotel near Newark airport, NJ, while I was waiting for a flight home, it was easy to hop on a train into NY. 
Layers & Textures

3) BRYCE CANYON, UTAH. Although not on the same huge scale as Grand Canyon, I think Bryce is the most visually stunning place I've ever visited. It's also the highest point I've ever stood without being in an aircraft (9100 feet).
Bryce - Sunset Point 3

4) LAS VEGAS. While not particularly impressive visually, Vegas has a certain 'something' that makes it such an interesting place. Best word I could use to describe it is 'crazy' LOL. Here's a crazy shot of Vegas from the top of the Stratosphere Tower.


  1. Of course No. 2 is my favourite, been there and seen it, never to be forgotten. The grand canyon is always worth an imposing shot and Bryce Canyon also has it charm, especially for a photographer. I like the out of the ordinary photos and I find the Las Vegas capture is really good.

  2. Hi Mitch! The Grand Canyon is one of two places I have visited that lives up to its hype. Wonderful capture with the shadows. The canyons of New York and the canyons of Bryce, one made-made, the other nature-sculpted, both wonderfully photographed. Eek, Las Vegas, at first I thought it was an airplane shot. Captures the awesome craziness of the place.

  3. All great captures Mitch. Love the shots around Bryce, and as always the grand Canyon. NY NY I remember when you were there. What a fun city. I was in NYC back in the 70s, and I know it has changed a whole lot since then. Love the city shot you have of it. The Stratosphere Tower, I never could bring myself to take the rides, but loved the view.

  4. I expected awesome and you did not let me down LOL ;) Wonderful shots from your travels mate nice work ;)

  5. hi mitch, USA is the place you often visit. I wonder why, lol. nice shots the skyscrapers are the one I like

  6. Hi Mitch! How awesome all the shots are! I particularly love that of the Grand Canyon...

  7. Majestic mountain vista.

    Im sure it's your kind of town

    Beautiful intricate shapes and patterns

    Viva the view