Saturday, 3 January 2015

Picture This #284 ~ Photos From A Car

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week's challenge. A really good theme, one that we've definately not had before. My first thought was "Do I have anything for this??".......then I suddenly remembered that I actually have lots of shots taken from a car!! LOL.

1) Driving across the Severn Bridge between England and Wales.
Severn Across

2) Heat haze rising from a desert road in Nevada, USA.
Desert Road Heat-Haze

3) Driving through Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA.
Road Through Bryce

4) Another Nevada desert road shot. I just love the vastness of it all!!
Desert Road 1


  1. Yes Mitch if you Road Trip as we do you have lots of car shots LOL and there are fabulous mate. Happy New Year ;)

  2. Wow that is some bridge

    The road goes ever, ever on through the mountains.

    Beautiful and majestic

    The straight and narrow.

  3. I have never seen the Severn Bridge, a good example of impressive architecture. Those roads in the States seem to go on forever.

  4. wow wonderful that bridge is stupendus

  5. Hi Mitch! What great lines on the Severn Bridge! I love your Nevada road shots; they show the vastness and even the heat. And the white cliff and pine trees of Bryce Canyon is very nice, makes me want to go there.

  6. Hi Mitch! Love the four shots...incredible sense of spacial immensity in the 4th shot, my favourite.