Sunday, 18 January 2015


I feel happy for seeing one of my photos as the Picture of the Week. Thanks, Mitch!

I have chosen the photos which I think show good examples of the common architecture you see when you visit Portugal. Apart from the south of Portugal, where the architecture shows a very strong Moorish influence, the architecture designs below are seen throughout the country. Obviously, the railway station excluded, which is the most modern one we have now.

Urban traditional architecture (Lisbon)
architecture-urban traditional

Urban modern architecture (Lisbon)
architecture-urban modern

Rural traditional architecture (Lisbon region)
architecture-rural traditional

Railway architecture (Lisbon)
architecture-railway station


  1. Hi Belita. Your banner shot is so outstanding, I am glad it was chosen. I love your first picture where the blue enamel tile contrasts with the orange and the white exterior. The more modern structure has strong, clean lines, but I like the traditional more. I also like the rural traditional with the yellow trim and green gate. And, another favorite is the complex of lines at the rail station. Beautiful pastels in the background. I must see Portugal some day.

  2. Hi Belita again a wonderful banner
    love your shots --I love the faiances in Lisbon and the train station is so wonderful wononderful

  3. bom dia belita, congrats for the banner. nice and colourful pics. my favis the first one. adieu

  4. Beautiful decorations

    Cool building

    Beautiful hasienda

    Truly amazing structure

  5. Hi Belita!! Wonderful shots for this week's theme!! While I do like both the modern urban and rail station shots, I much prefer the two traditional designs. The Moorish influence is clear to see. I think I would be happy to live in either of them!!

  6. Congratulations on the wonderful picture as a banner. The photos are very impressive. I noticed when I was in Portugal that a lot of use is made of applying colourful tiles on the buildings - a gift for taking the perfect photo.

  7. Nice shots, Belita and congratulations on the banner shot. I love the rural traditional architecture. What a lovely, romantic looking place. I love the bright yellow borders.