Sunday, 11 January 2015

Picture This #285 ~ There Are Places I Remember

Yes there are places I remember. The one in the banner for sure. Woooo Hooooo! Always loved the driving in Alaska. Thanks for using it as a banner this week.

Now for some other places. Jamaica comes to mind. The first place outside of Alabama that I lived as a kid. I went to school in Mandeville. Weekends were always filled with a trip to a beach somewhere on the island. I was sort of like a fish in those days. If there was a sea near by, you could find me in it.
Places I have been. Picture this #285

Later in my life, Las Cabo became a target for me. Loved the saltwater fly fishing. The beaches and Tequila were pretty good too. He he.
Places I have been. Picture this # 285

Then in the 90s Me and my wife spent 14 days in Sydney. Now that was a blast. Loved everything and everyone I met there.
Places I have been.PICTURE this # 285

With that the Great Barrier Reef was something that will always remain in my mind.
Places I have been.PICTURE this # 285


  1. Totally awesome pix, each in its own way. Love the family shot up top, your mom arm-in-arm with your dad, framed by the sea grapes. The VW picture is a classic, sand on the road, mountains in the background, you looking very 70's cool in those glasses. Interesting dish in Sydney and a marvelous underwater selfie.

    1. My mom is the one sitting under the tree. the two walking beside me are good friends of ours. Everyone getting together and heading to the beach was pretty much the norm for us living there.

  2. Hi Randall !! Awesome set of photos for this week's theme. You've certainly done some moving about!! LOL. Must have been an interesting experience spending part of your childhood in Jamaica. Cool second shot. I agree with Benni, definately a seventies vibe going on there!! Terrific framing in the third shot to show the Sydney Opera House in the background. Interesting seafood dish for lunch, too!! Awesome shot of you diving on the GBR. Be careful of that giant clam!!

  3. Fabulous shots Randall of some far flung places, you only confirm my thoughts about us being a group of travellers LOl. Wonderful shots and Memories ;) Congrats on the Header a beautiful shot Mate ;)

  4. Yes I could go on for a while. LOL Great world, sorry for the pains that come with too.

  5. Delightful trio

    Cool ride

    Great shot of the classic Sydney view

    That is an amazing place from what Ive heard.