Saturday, 3 January 2015

Picture This #284 ~ Photos From A Car

Wonderful banner shot, Mitch, I am so glad you used one of your own. Such a beautiful portrait of the New Year, not to mention Wales.

Here I am wintering in Florida,  happy to have left the frigid cold of Michigan behind. I have a number of pictures taken from the car; these are some I might not have posted before.

Black birds
Sitting in our car at the jetty on a gloomy day, we saw these two blackbirds.

I-75 northbound
We were headed north from Florida and the poor people on the other side of the highway were headed south. Traffic had come to a standstill and was like that for 7-10 miles, or approx. 13 km.

Here I am taking license with the theme. This is a photo from our airplane coming into Venice, Florida.


  1. great pics and a good new year benni

  2. Cool shots for theme Benni, have a Happy New Year ;)

  3. "Oki, I'll look up and you'll look left!"

    Cool shot

    Beautiful swath of pale gold in the silvery grey clouds.

  4. Hi Benni !! Great shots for Pat's theme. Love that first shot. One bird seems to be saying "look at that!!"....while the other one is saying "what is it? what is it??". LOL. That second shot reminded me of a scene from the movie Deep Impact. Great shot of the approach to Venice.

  5. Your blackbirds are twice as big as ours. Good shot. The second photo is really interesting, how often have we seen it. Next time I must take a photo. The last is an interesting shot, the sky is very impressive.

  6. My thanks to all, have a wonderful 2015!

    1. You're welcome Benni - wish you the same!

  7. Hi Benni! A very nice set of shots for this week's theme. I particularly like the shot of the blackbirds. They remind me of two is speaking and the other is completely absent minded...