Saturday, 17 January 2015

Picture This #286 ~ Architecture

Many thanks to Benni for hosting this week's challenge. A great theme, with endless possibilities!! I'm looking forward to seeing lots of different types of architecture. For me, it is only by going inside a building, particularly if it's a really old one, that you get to truly appreciate the architecture, so all of mine are interior shots.

1) Looking up the inside of the main tower of St David's cathedral, Wales. The ceiling was hand-painted. I bet they had a crick in their necks doing that!!
Tower Ceiling 1

2) Ceiling of the knave, also in St David's Cathedral.
Interior View 2

3) Pillar and ceiling detail. Wells Cathedral, Somerset, England
Pillar & Ceiling

4) Quire ceiling, Wells Cathedral.
Quire Ceiling


  1. Truly magnificent intricately painted and moulded ceilings.

  2. Incredible interiors! That's a beautiful cross in the tower, I think they must have gotten a crick in their neck doing that. Love the delicate colors of the knave ceiling and the light coming in through the arched windows. For sheer stunning beauty, can't beat that shot of the pillar and ceiling in Wells Cathedral. Incredible perspective. The Quire ceiling is also intricate, and I like the stained glass windows. No wonder people felt a sense of majesty in these churches.

  3. It is very interesting to see the interiors of those buildings. Both buildings have their charm and I don't even know what religion St. Davids is. Most welsh seem to be methodist, but probably the rest are Church of England.

  4. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! I can't pick a favorite from these. Although I keep scrolling back to look at the pillar and ceiling detail. Eye catching. Wonderful shots!

  5. hi mitch, nice pics with a particular perspective, love the ceiling of the second one. have a nice sunday

  6. Oh my God there is so much beauty..I cannot stop opening my mouth..