Saturday, 17 January 2015

Picture This #286 ~ Architecture

Architecture really offers some fun shots for photographers. Now I have to check and see what I have.
Here just because I was taking shots of it at the turn of the new year. Seattle's Space Needle.   RAP_6200

Then in the files I come across this shot of a lighthouse. I think this one will fit here too.   RAP_3131

Even more interesting on the inside.

Steam plant Square. The old steam stacks standing tall.RAP_4119


  1. Hi Randall. Brilliant shot of the Space Needle. Great perspective and intense colors. Love the little lighthouse and the keeper's cottage. I think that would be a dream job. And from the inside, you are right, it is more interesting. I think it conforms to the Golden Rectangle, like a sea shell. It's truly an incredible shot. (Golden rectangle, I am not sure, stretching my math here.) And finally the old steam plant, tall and bright in the sun, functional and beautiful. I am so glad you had fun with this theme.

  2. Great shot of the Needle, Randall. It gives me butterflies just looking at it!

    The light house is BEAUTIFUL! My favorite! The stairway is fascinating! You must have climbed all the way to the top!

    So those aren't smoke stacks? They're steam stacks? Wow. I've never heard of such a thing. Nice shot!

    1. They are smoke stacks. Sorry the wording did not describe it well.
      The steam heat produced from the plant served downtown Spokane until 1986. During its operation, fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas and saw dust were used to produce from 150,000 to 370,000 pounds of steam per hour. In 1986, it was determined that the plant was no longer economically viable, for much of the internal piping needed substantial repair or replacement.

      That is a bit better for the history and what they were.

  3. Truly impressive structure

    Beautiful lighthouse - Maeve Binchy country.

    Cool perspective

    They used to take care and decorate even the chimneys in those days as a sign of good workmanship

  4. Hi Randall !! Great shots for Benni's theme!! That really is an impressive shot of the Space Needle, set against a beautiful blue sky. Really nice lighthouse shot from the outside, but the interior shot is just fantastic!! Definately my fave. Great shot of the steam-stacks.

  5. Amazing shots! They really highlight the importance of a creative angle....

  6. The first photo and the third I really like. We don't have lighthouses in Switzerland and they make good subjects for a photo. Love the majestic chimneys in the last photo.