Saturday, 17 January 2015

Picture This #286 ~ Architecture

Very good banner photo by Belita

So now to see what Switzerland has to offer in architecture. The nearby town of Solothurn is well known for its baroque style so lets begin the cathedral, St. Urs. You can also see the style of the houses leading to the cathedral through the old town and the Baseltor on the left.
St. Urs Cathedral, Solothurn

As a comparison the Swiss Reform church in Solothurn on the right and next to it the Mutti Turm with integrated theater
Reform Church, Solothurn

One of those typical Swiss barns in the nearby village of Langendorf

On the road from Langendorf to Feldbrunnen 1

This is the local catholic church in our village of Feldbrunnen
St- Niklaus Feldbrunnen


  1. Hi, Pat, so glad you like the theme. You have some great shots for it. I love the baroque style of the St. Urs Cathedral, ornate and splendid. The buildings in the next shot have a distinctly different style and the round one is just fascinating. Wonderful Swiss barn in the spring with the bright yellow forsythia in the foreground. Very good angle on the Catholic church, adds to the interest of this shot. It also seems you have included all four seasons in your pictures.

  2. The cathedral is so pretty!

    What was the Mutti Turm used for originally? It looks as if it might have been a grain silo, or something of the sort.

    The Swiss barn is my favorite! I would LOVE to live there!

    So much going on in that last photo. Great shot! I love the tree that's reaching toward the clock.

    1. The Mutti Turm was part of the fortifications around the town.

  3. Beautiful classic facade

    Delightful theatre

    Wonderful quaint building

    Beautiful church.

  4. Hi Pat!! Great selection of shots for Benni's theme. The cathedral of St Urs is rather compact in design. They usually tend to be much larger in scale. A more interesting design in the Swiss Reform church, and I really like the shape of the Mutti Turm. My favourite shot has to be that of the typical Swiss barn, so different in design to a typical British barn. Nice shot of the Catholic church to finish with, an interesting selection of trees in it's grounds, too.

  5. Very nice four shots for Benni's theme.... the typical Swiss barn is really interesting...