Saturday, 10 January 2015

PICTURE THIS #285 ~ "There Are Places I Remember"

Hi all bAZ  here, Mitch asked if I could host the theme this week and I gladly accepted. 

This weeks theme is inspired by the title of an old Beatles song and by also by the fact that although we are a small group, travel seems to be something we all enjoy and be it places near or far we all have places that we remember fondly.

Now when I travel, I always carry a tripod, so I had a little additional fun and looked for selfies of me in those places before the idea of selfies ever existed LOL. I had luck with some of them.

Here are my shots to get you started, have a great weekend ;)

Lake Itasca at the source of the Mississippi River, Minnesota.
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Lake Martin Lafayette Louisiana.

Big Sur California.
California3 (28)

Skyline Drive Blue Ridge Mountains Virginia. 


  1. Hi Baz!! many thanks for hosting this week!! Great theme!! Cool shot of Lake Itasca.The shot of Lake Martin is beautiful, love those sunset colours. Wonderful quality of light in the Big Sur shot. The view from the Skyline Drive is fabulous.

  2. Good idea for a theme. Lovely impressive photos of your America journeys.

  3. Great pictures, and you sure look comfortable on the balcony at Big Sur! Magnificent views.

  4. Beautiful shots, Baz. I love them all. I especially love the Blue Ridge, but that pic of Big Sur is really calling out to me!

  5. Great theme Baz. Now time to go through some older memories. Great shots that you start us off with too. You look to be really having fun in the shot of Lake Itasca.

  6. hi baz, nice places you visited

  7. Hi Baz! Excellent choice of theme! You must have visited so many nice places that picking up four shots must have not been an easy task. However these four are awesome and can't mention any of them as a favourite... they all are..