Saturday, 31 January 2015

Picture This #288 ~ ABC

Great Banner photo from Benni

Ants farming aphids I think (anyhow two a's for one)

Ants farming green fly

Feldschlossen Brewery in Rheinfelden, Switzerland

Feldschlossen Brewery

It's a cat, a sphinx cat



  1. Hi Pat !! Fabulous shots for Debby's theme!! Excellent shot of the ants farming the aphids. Ants are so darned difficult to capture well, but you did it perfectly here. Good shot of the brewery. Time for a beer, methinks!! Beautiful shot of the Sphinx the pose you caught him in!! Hope those apples didn't drop on his head. Too late to discovery gravity, Newton already did it!!! LOL.

  2. Hi Pat, love your shots, my absolute favorite is those ants and aphids. I knew they farmed them but I had never seen it. That is a fabulous picture.

  3. Hello Pat! That first shot is very interesting! Do you have any idea why the ants protect the aphids?

    Nice shot of the brewery. Isn't Feldschlossen a lovely name? 'Small castle in the fields' . Do you like their beer?

    That's a great shot of the cat with the apples above his head. Cute caterpillar, too!

  4. hi pat love your pics but the first one is really amazing, congrats

  5. Love your three choices for Debby's theme but the top one is amazing ans so is the shot of the cat...

  6. Wow theyre truly busy

    Wonderful building

    Wow - that is pale cat