Saturday, 31 January 2015

Picture This #288 ~ ABC

Many thanks to Debby for hosting this week. A great theme, with lots of possibilities, I'm looking forward to seeing lots of different interpretations.

I've decided to go with three creature shots for my ABC:

1) A - Arachnid
Spider 1

B - Barbary Macaque
Barbary Macaque 2

C - Capybara
Capybara 3


  1. eeewwww love the spider and the monkey to the last one never saw one but it is cute lol

  2. Those spiders are always ready for a good shot, just hanging around all the time. I wonder what the ape in the second photo was thinking "not food, just a photo?" I think the capybara couldn't care less about the photo, she just wanted to sleep.

  3. Yikes, a spider, despite my general dislike of them, I must say this is a great shot from an unusual angle. The macaque looks a bit world weary, great eyes. My favorite is the capybara; you've caught him content in the sun, not a care in the world.

  4. Yikes! Great shot of the spider and web.

    I love the macaque. He looks so bored.'Looks like he's wishing you would come an play with him!

    The Capybara is so cool. I had never seen or heard of this creature until you posted a pic of it.

  5. Spiders. Scary lot. The monkey and the Capybara looks relaxed. great shots.

  6. hi mitch wonderful shots but the spider is the best of all

  7. Hi Mitch! Love your choices for the first three letters of our alphabet. They are all so good that it's not easy to mention my favourite. However, those eyes of the macaque are really amazing...

  8. Amazing macro

    Great closeup